Why I Decided To Rebrand

Hi Friends! Have you ever changed your mind? Of course you have! We're human. In one day we change our minds quite often actually. More often than we may even realize it at times. Subconsciously and consciously.

For me, I asked myself one question for about two months..."to rebrand or not to rebrand?" I mean, here I was yet again at a crossroad that could potentially reset my entire business, yet again. While the answer to my question was an easy one, getting there was difficult, but ultimately necessary.

You know the saying "Work smarter, not harder"...? Yeah, I was not working smarter. I was not working smarter. Why? Because I hadn't fallen in love with my brand. All I knew was I wanted to plan weddings.

My former business name, Enchanted Event Planning, created a lane for me and I will be forever grateful for that. It provided me with the confidence to network within the industry. I was excited to have such an elegant name that depicted my planning style. What I was NOT excited about was how popular the word "enchanted" was throughout the wedding industry and how I lacked a brand identity. I wanted my business name to have a lane and identity of its very own.

So, what did I do? I used the final months of 2017 to crack down on my business goals. I took to family and friends for advice on rebranding, again! A business name should stick! It should represent the people in the business and everything the business stands for. I did research for weeks on "how to pick the perfect business name" , until one day it just hit me - David Tutera, Preston Bailey, Martha Stewart, Marcy Blum, Mindy Weiss. Self-named, self-proclaimed wedding planners with businesses built on their very name.

Voilà!!! Tifphany Nichol was born and the rebranding of what I once knew and loved began.

Rebranding my business changed the way I do things. It's more than a name change. It's a vision change. The welcoming of new practices, new clientele, new opportunity. Having a name that I am proud to talk about makes doing business that much easier. I light up when I'm asked to talk about my business now. Networking has become much more effortlessly. The feeling of having something you're proud of is a good feeling!

"Every success story is a tale of constant adaptation, revision and change." - Richard Branson

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