A Modern Fairytale: Royal Wedding Review

Hi Friends! What better time to review the royal wedding than right now?! My heart is still racing from all the love that was radiating through my TV. Aside from the beautiful parade of pastel guest attire and elaborate fascinators, what I was most intrigued by was the blending of UK tradition and modern-American wedding aspects. Together, every detail of this royal wedding formed the perfect modern fairytale.

With that being said, if you tuned in expecting a traditional British occasion, I'm sure you were quite disappointed. Me, I was overly impressed and probably way too excited - especially considering that I was watching from my bed at the wee hours of the morning.

As a lover of love, I always enjoy seeing cultures and traditions infuse seamlessly. Love knows no boundaries...and we surely can not help who we fall in love with. But we do get to choose how we celebrate that love and you only get one chance at planning the perfect wedding. Prince Harry and Meghan NAILED IT! Their wedding filled me with so much inspiration!

My two takeaways - Tradition is a beautiful thing that will never fade and no two cultures are never so far apart that they can not be fused together. Prince Harry and Meghan so eloquently tiptoed the line of both. Here are several aspects that I absolutely LOVED about this traditionally-modernized royal wedding:

St. George's Chapel

11th century St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle is a beautiful venue filled with a rich history for both Prince Harry and Meghan. The significance of this venue, which I found intriguing is that Prince Harry was christened there when he was three-months old. This is also the same place that houses the bodies of many passed royals who preceded Prince Harry, including immediate family members of the royal lineage. Not to mention this Chapel is absolutely stunning!

Givenchy Dress

Meghan's dress choice remained a mystery to all up until today! Once revealed, her Givenchy dress received mixed reviews, but I must say that I personally, I LOVED it. Here's why....there are some dress styles that I've just seen way too many times, even when looking at the history of royal wedding dresses. Meghan's dress fit her personality in every way. It was conservative and bold at the same time. Not to mention extremely timeless. The neckline was gorgeous, just enough skin. And personally, I'm glad she strayed away from the over-use of lace (i.e. lace sleeves) and crazy embroidery. Especially with her veil giving us 16-feet elegance. She truly shocked the world with this dress choice and I was proud of it!

And if you haven't seen pictures of the second dress Meghan wore, you are SO missing out!

Bridal Bouquet

While all of the floral work was breathtaking, especially the gaudy archway at the entrance of the Chapel, the one floral element that brought a tear to my eye was Meghan's bouquet. Yet another sign of respect paid to the the late royal monarch Princess Diana, with the inclusion of Diana's favorite flower. Even more captivating was that Prince Harry personally handpicked the flowers for her petite bouquet from their private garden at Kensignton Palace. Too cute! #RealTears

The Kingdom Choir

Meghan and Prince Harry's decision to use a gospel singing choir was just amazing to me and an obvious deviation from royal tradition. Most important, it was a great sign of equality between the Prince Harry and Meghan and their respect for each others upbrining. The choir blessed us with soulful classics including Stand By Me by Ben E King and the Etta James’ rendition of Amen/This Little Light of Mine.

The Diamond Tiara

Can you believe that tiara was handcrafted in 1932!? Tradition has it that royal brides-to-be are able to select the tiara of their choice from a royal vault or have the option to craft their own. Meghan's choice - the Queen Mary Diamond Bandeau Tiara, on loan from Queen Elizabeth...a tiara that hasn't left the vault in a really long time. Meghan wore it gracefully!

American Bishop Michael Curry

The Chicago-native took me to CHURCH with his Martin Luther King, Jr.-inspired sermon. His soulful words were fitting, focusing on the true power of love. I will say his powerful presence appeared to through some members of the royal family and guests off, but as for Prince Harry and Meghan, they both seemed perfectly fine, which is what mattered the most. Another infusion of Meghan's African American upbringing that set this royal occasion apart from tradition.

I could go on for days about every trailblazing element of this royal wedding. Yet another beautiful, timeless royal wedding for the books. Their union is such an inspiration - "a union of British royal traditions and American spirituality". Cheers to the Duke and Dutchess of Sussex for rolling out a visionary take of royal traditions and best of wishes to them both!

Love really does conquer all.

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