A Year In Review: TN Turns 1!

Hi Friends! Can you believe we're approaching month two of 2019!? Not only have we entered into a new calendar year, but we here at TN have also entered into a new year of business. This time last year, we were up to our ears in rebranding shenanigans. And now that all the celebrating is over, we can finally reflect on how 2018 treated us. January 7 was not only my actual birthday of founder Tifphany (the person, LOL), but January 7 also admirably marked the business-birthday of Tifphany Nichol - Woohoo!

2018 brought us new clients, new professional relationships, lots of networking opportunities and the perfect set up for 2019! We just want to take a few moments to recap our 2018 achievements and takeaways:

1. Clients Love Us...And We Love Them Too!

Before 2018 was even half way over, we had achieved our booking goal. That was super exciting! The idea of having 2018 goals met so early propelled us to make new 2018 goals and greater 2019 goals! Our 2018 couples gave us the confidence to move forward boldly. And while we love what we do, seeing the reviews pour in just made our hearts melt. Honestly, the most rewarding part of the entire experience for us.

2. We Made New Friendors

We networked our butts off in 2018 (especially as compared to previous years). Happy hours, holiday parties, grand openings, open houses, random site visits....you name it, we were THERE! And it felt amazing every single time. We managed to meet so many wonderful industry professionals whom we now call our friendors! In 2019, we're looking forward to more opportunities to build upon those connections.

3. We Got Published!

If you follow my blog, you already heard the good news but 2018 brought us not one, but TWO amazingggg publications! Woot! Woot!

4. We ACED Our First Styled Shoot

"What got published?" you may be wondering. Well, our 2018 goals also included the vision of a beautiful rustic-chic styled shoot. Alongside an amazing team of professionals, we pulled off our first multi-vendor styled shoot and boy was the turn out breathtaking. So visually breathtaking that both Black Bride and Munaluchi published it.

5. LLC Official!

My immediate circle of girlfriends, admirable referred to as my Queen Circle, surprised me with a gift I will forever be thankful for - my business LLC. Yup! They're just amazing. This too was a 2018 goal that I was on the fence about but after constantly bringing it up in the group chat conversation, they decided it was time. For my birthday, I received the funds to submit my application and not too long after it became official - Tifphany Nichol, L.L.C.

Moral of 2018 - Go For It!

I remember sitting in my window seat aboard the MegaBus headed back to Baltimore from New York after a fun weekend of exploring the city. This was December 2017. It was on that bus ride that I decided 2018 would be different for my business. I had a vision of rebranding everything...including my actions. 2018 was filled with nothing but 'amazingness' and I have no doubt in my mind 2019 will compete directly with it!

In honor of such an amazing year and one successful year of business, we had a photoshoot. Images courtesy of Papa K Photos. Enjoy!

Cheers to 2019!

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